Oh,Really? (FYI)

that’s what Tiger Woods gets for messing around with dem
white girls
A sista like me would’ve known to keep her legs open and her
mouth shut
would’ve kept his low down on the down low
don’t know where he got the idea that
i couldn’t have played the perfect
whore to his wife’s madonna, that this skin would
have made me any less of a revolving door, that
I wouldn’t have been just as easy for him
to enter and leave, I guess life ain’t nearly as sweet for
a man so allergic to chocolate

Well, sis

I want you to know

that it’s not about you being better than her
but about you being better than this

that a man’s kiss should never feel like a hand me down

that it will always be easier for a man to get his ring off his finger
than it will be for him to get his wife off his mind

that no matter how far you can make your legs
go back during
he will always go back to her after

that the afterglow should never be the full extent of your shine

that sometimes sex is best defined as meaningless

that the woman he’s able to do anything to
is rarely ever the woman he’s willing to do everything for

that the easier it becomes to see yourself in the mirror on the ceiling
the harder it will become to see yourself in the one on the wall

that a relationship is either a two way street
or just another dead end

that him being inside you
will never be the same as him being into you

that knowing the way he touches is
nothing compared to knowing the way he feels

that making deals with the devil won’t guarantee you a spot in heaven

that part time lover was never meant to be your full time job

that his double life only serves to keep you a single woman

that you deserve to be remembered for more
than how easily you can be forgotten

that everytime you scratch his 7 year itch you are ruining
your manicure
and your karma

that satisfaction will never take the place of fulfillment

that real love will always be more full course meal than midnight snack

that you do not have a microwave between your legs
that exists for the sole purpose of heating up another
woman’s leftovers

that having a man to sleep with
will never feel as good as having one to wake up to

that the hours between Midnight and 6am do not constitute forever

that no matter how often you drop to your knees
he will never be anything like
the man
you prayed for.

By: Jamaal St. John